From the moment of the inquiry to the final delivery, the quality assurance team at Noresco is in charge of every step of preparation and production.

Ger Reducer
Hook Forging
Process Sheet
For each casting, a manufacturing instruction sheet for each process will be designed, finalized and displayed in the shop. These processes include - pattern making, molding, melting control, pouring, finishing, heat treating and secondary operations if any.

Signature Process
Each worker including the QC staff on the floor and the shift manager will rigidly follow the process sheet.
After the completion of each process, each individual will sign his name on the sheet.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Used throughout our plants to ensure quality parts, to prevent scrap and rework and to continually improve control of the process.

Inspection and Testing
With the high performance demanded of components used in various industries, thorough and on-going inspection of castings is vital. Noresco maintains the most extensive inspection facilities in the foundry industry. Noresco also provides many techniques for special testing requirements.

  • Radiography - to ASTM standard.
  • Magnetic Particle - both wet and dry method.
  • Magnaflux - fluorescent or dye penetrant.
  • Ultrasonic.
  • Chemical & Mechanical Testing - including direct-reading spectrometer.
  • Hydrostatic Testing-up to 10,000 psi.
Inspection Report
Reports for each individual process and for the final inspection prior to shipment will be signed by both shop and factory QC manager. These reports will be accompanied with each shipment to the customer. Test bars for each melt (matching the inspection report) will be kept in the laboratory warehouse for 5 years.

All of our castings are manufactured on precision equipment.

Regardless of your quality control needs on specific orders, there is a team of dedicated, skilled personnel in charge of your products from inquiry to final application.

Noresco is proud to serve your needs!


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